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About Our School

Welcome to St Cyrus School!


St Cyrus Primary School has a spectacular setting on top of the local cliffs with panoramic views over the Nature Reserve, North Sea and Montrose. St Cyrus School was originally built in 1867 with an extension added in 1990/91.  The existing school was also completely renovated at this time.  A new Nursery unit further extended the building during 2001 and opened in October of that year. The nursery was completely refurbished during session 2020/21. The accommodation comprises seven classrooms, a resource room, and a large hall with kitchen facilities, a staff room and toilet facilities.  The playground is spacious with a grass area. There is a staff and visitor car parking area. 

Our school roll is currently 123 pupils with 16 in our nursery. Our catchment area covers the local village and rural surrounds. We currently have 6 classes plus our nursery which are supported by our wonderful team of staff. We have 11 teachers, 2 visiting specialist teachers, a nursery team of 5 practitioners, 6 Pupil Support Assistants, 4 kitchen staff, 3 cleaners and a Cluster janitorial team. The school works closely with a range of other support agencies and volunteers in order to provide the best possible experience for children with additional support needs. Our Active Schools Coordinator provides a range of additional active and sporting activities for the children. 

On leaving St Cyrus School the pupils transfer to Mearns Academy, Laurencekirk.  St Cyrus School is part of the Laurencekirk Community Schools’ Network and works closely with the other 6 schools in the Network. 

Community links are a valued part of school life. We have an active Parent Council and very supportive parents. We also try to play an appropriate role within our local community.

Our Vision 

Reach for the Stars!

Our school and its family is a happy and successful place. A place where people care for and encourage each other in order to achieve our full potential.

Our Aims

  • To provide a safe, welcoming environment where everyone feels valued, respected and included. An environment which promotes the health and the well-being of all and where social and cultural diversity is celebrated.
  • To plan and engage learners in stimulating and relevant experiences  both indoors and out which promote and develop the skills required for life and work.
  • To support learners in tackling new challenges in order to encourage growth, confidence and capabilities and to recognise these success both in ourselves and others.
  • To develop a global awareness and encourage a culture of wonder in the world, its people, places, possibilities and future.
  • To reflect on our work in order to continually improve.