Welcome to St Cyrus Nursery

Our setting is open 9 am – 3 pm with a maximum of 24 children within our building.

We follow the school’s vision, value and aims. The children have created a simplified version of values and what it means to them.

Successful – It’s about taking part, sharing and when we do good learning. Recognising our children’s learning through different ways.

Together – At St Cyrus nursery we listen to each other, our ‘buddies’ and friends that help look after us. It’s about feeling happy and having lots of cuddles.

Active – Exploring our local beach and our community. Growing and having fun!

Respected – We are kind and care for each other. We get to make our own choices and share with others.

Safe – Staying safe with different rules in the nursery especially at our fire pit at nature nursery. Experienced staff that make children feel valued and safe.

We look forward to your child starting their journey with us.

Please find our nursery handbook below!

St Cyrus Nursery Handbook 2023

Please find our current nursery menu below!

Nursery Menu Oct 23 Colour


What to do if my child is unwell???

Please see the traffic light system below to give advice on whether your child is well enough for nursery today.

Spotlight on Nursery – Term 1 

Spotlight on Nursery – Term 3

Nursery newsletters will be posted on this page throughout the year.

Term 1 Newsletter 23

Term 2 Newsletter 23 (Nursery)

Nursery Newsletter Term 3 2023-24