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School Closures

School Closure Activities

In the event of short term school closures, pupils can access home-learning activities prepared by staff by clicking on the links below:

Home learning activities for use on school closure days p1-3

Home learning activities for use on school closure days p4-7

In the event of longer term closures, parents and carers will be contacted with updates via email.

P1-P4 Snow Day Survival Resources

Design Your Own Winter Clothes KS1 Snow Day Acrostic Poem Writing Activity Sheet KS1 Snow Day Bingo KS1 Snow Day Home Learning Challenges KS1 Snow Day Signatures Activity English KS1 Snow Day Write Up Sheet Snowman Instructions Activity Sheets Winter Wordsearch

P5-P7 Snow Day Survival Resources

An A-Z of Snow and Ice Activity Sheet Snow Day Acrostic Poem Writing Activity Sheet Snow Day Bingo Snow Day Home Learning Challenges Snow Day Selfies Activity Sheet Snow Day Signatures Activity Snow Day Write Up Activity Sheet Snowflake Write Your Own Poetry Differentiated Activity Sheet

How to find out about school closures

Guidance for Parents/Guardians on School Closure due to bad weather or other emergency: Use one of the following methods to find out if the school is closed.

1) Outwith school hours, your local Radio Station is a good place to find out information on school closures. This is because the following Radio Stations receive up-dated information every 15 minutes from our website.

Northsound 1 FM96.9 Northsound 2 MW1035kHz

2) Parents can also access information about school closure from the following website .


3) Parents can register to receive text alerts about school closures and changes to school transport arrangements. Aberdeenshire council has changed the way parents receive online alerts about school closures and changes to school transport. You can now sign up for these notifications through myaccount on the Aberdeenshire Council website – if you currently pay for school meals online, you will already be registered.

myaccount is a simple, secure way of accessing a range of Scottish public services using just one username and password and 13,000 parents across Aberdeenshire are already enjoying the benefits of it.

As well as being able to sign up for alerts, your home page will automatically give you handy information such as your bin collection days, where your nearest recycling centre is and the names of your local councillors.

 So, if you want to be kept up-to-date and take advantage of the other myaccount benefits, sign up to the new system by going to the Aberdeenshire Council website and clicking on the red register button in the top right-hand corner.

4) Telephone information service, which can be used if there is a risk of closure due to adverse weather. This allows parents to listen to a recorded message from the Head Teacher – please do not phone the school.

School closure telephone line
Number for parents to call:
0870 054 4999

Then use the PIN for St Cyrus School
02 2600

How to use the service.

  • Dial Aberdeenshire Council’s access number – 0870 054 4999
  • Now enter your own school’s pin number 02 2600
    You have two attempts to enter the pin number and you will be disconnected after a second failed attempt. If this happens, check the number and redial. If you still have a problem check with your school.
  • You will now hear the school’s name. Ensure that this is correct before going on.
  • You will now be taken to the MAIN MENU where you will be given 4 options:
    • Press 1 to hear your school’s message about the adverse weather for example whether or not the school is to close or if transport arrangements have been affected.
    • Press 4 to enter the pin number for another school within the authority. Parents may have children who attend different schools. This option allows you to move from one school’s messaging service to another without having to dial in again.

There are other features of this service, which may be available for your school. These are described below. (Note that this is an 0870 service and charges are slightly higher than normal.)

In the event of closure, the staff have collated stage appropriate activities for the pupils to complete at home. These can be found here School Closure Home Learning Activities .